Professional Sound Recordist - Phil Turner

P. 650 339 5902

Welcome to my Online Audio Cart of Information.                                                                                                              

Based in the Nashville area I provide a valuable service to Television, Video and Film production throughout the USA and Europe.

I can help you achieve the BEST possible audio for you and your budget.

Often Audio is overlooked only to find out later and several weeks in to an edit that good audio on location would have saved them time and money.

If you are a producer or director you will know that you spend all your time checking the shot, discussing the options with the cameraman and worrying about how the subjects look, how often do you listen / check the sound ? 

What use is a well lit, well framed interview if you can't hear them ?

I am a valuable and important part of any production.

If you are willing to hire a Professional Camera Person - Please do your production a favor and hire a Professional Sound Recordist too.